The Screams of the Damned

My friend Rogelio¬†reminded me recently that the 20th anniversary of Neon Genesis Evangelion happened a few days ago. For most of you this means nothing, but for the rest of us who have watched any measurable amount of anime, NGE was (and still is) kind of a big deal. I watched it with my friends […]

No one gets any awards

The Oscars are around the corner and I am most looking forward to 1) Michael Keaton winning Best Actor for “Birdman” (because come on) and 2) the reel where they show all the celebrities who have died in the last year. And then I think about that for a bit longer and suddenly remember that […]

Crash Bang Boom

The first comic book I ever bought was Spawn number one. I don’t recall the exact reasons behind buying it save for the¬† “Oooooh wow!” factor of the cover: preposterous swaths of crimson, gouts of inky black framed by sharp bands of bone white, swirling green mysts… my god, all that green… conveying a sinister […]

An uneven weight

(I originally wrote this a few weeks after Amber and Bobby died but I didn’t publish it for some reason) Amongst the mourners and tears, while words like “special,” “energetic” and “beautiful” were being applied in spades to a friend who was more than the definitions of those words, I noticed a lack of an […]

A few words

(This is a repost from a Facebook note I wrote on 01/07/2010) There’s no accurate way to express my feelings about this tragedy; I’ve had about a day to think things over which is, frankly, too short a time to even begin to comprehend what has happened. There’s a strange numbness, I think, like holding […]

A decade out

It’s the same one I’ve been having on and off again for the last ten years: I’m in a crowd, in the city, somewhere, and I see him off in the distance, moving away fast. I start to run, chasing after him, yelling and trying to get his attention but he disappears around a corner. […]